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    We lessen the factors that contribute to the severe weather patterns known as climate change by recycling glass containers more regularly and efficiently.


    We invite members of the community to actively participate in the glass recycling process by giving them the opportunity to break a set amount of glass containers for less than the cost of a movie ticket. Participants will be able to choose from over 10 different breaking games and be instructed by a trained “Break Buddy” who will equip breakers in safety gear and make sure everyone has a smashing time.               

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    We Must...

    • We must give life to those crazy ideas, inspired by the American dream. 
    • We must implement and support innovative recycling practices-in all industries.
    • We must do all of this to create a sustainable tomorrow for future generations. 

    3 Problems Facing The Glass Industry Today:

    Solution(s) :

    A company like BreakBox needs to become the preferred glass hauler to help offset the costs and simplfy the logistical issues that many local recycling municipalities incur in their attempts to recycle glass containers.


    We the bold, hold these truths to be self evident:

    1. Climate change is real and something must be done to stop the contributing factors causing it.
    2. People will never stop drinking (out of glass containers).
    3. People will always have momentary frustrations & stress.


    Highlights of the Journey:

    Participant in:

    -Tiger Cage Pitch Competition (2015)
    -Innovation Calisthenics Program (2016-2017)
    -LeaderShape Institute (2017)
    -Hatch Innovation Conference, Hosted by Johns Hopkins University (2017)
    -Business Model Canvas Competition (2017)
    -Towson Entrepreneurship Demo Day (2017) ---- WINNER* People's Choice Award For Most Captivating Student Business
    -People's Climate March in D.C (2017)

    Speaker / Presenter at:

    -Towson University Environmental Conference (2017)
    -Towson University Business Model Canvas Competition (2017)
    -TedXTowson . Ryan Perpall gave a TED Talk titled “Un-Box Me” ; a presentation about the philosophy behind Break Box (2017)


    We will recycle glass containers in an interactive way that provides an entertainment outlet for the community and a needed recycling service for communities with under preforming or non-existent glass recycling programs.


    We will invite members of the community to actively participate in the glass recycling process by purchasing the opportunity to break a set amount of glass containers for less than the cost of a movie ticket. Participants will be able to choose from over 10 different breaking games and be instructed by a trained “Break Buddy” who will equip breakers in safety gear and make sure everyone has a smashing time.


    Paying for the service of breaking at Break Box allows us to cover the high costs of glass recycling that currently plagues MRF's (Materials Recovery Facilities) .

    The Mobile Unit

    The opportunity created by the combination of all three truths is the recycling company called BreakBox.


    BreakBox is a glass recycling partner company that specializes in container glass; collection, hauling, and processing.


    BreakBox On Wheels!

    We are adopting the lean business technique of starting with a "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product). Our plan is to start small and scale up. We are starting with a re-enforced 8.5'x 24' trailer outfitted to be our BreakBox mobile unit.

    Starting small allows us to use funds to better every aspect of the BreakBox operation in key areas such as break experience, sustainability and safety.


    Safety is a top priority at BreakBox. All Breakers will be outfitted in glass proof safety suits. The suits are in worn in conjunction with face masks, Nitrile grip gloves and steel toe leather boots.

    Each breaker will be required to sign a liability waiver after they receive a safety tutorial by a member of the BreakBox staff. In addition to the safety suits and safety presentation, each group of breakers will be paired with a Break Buddy who will guide them through their break experience; keeping breakers safe, teaching breaking games and offering relevant trivia facts about sustainability.


    BreakBox Mobile will travel to various pop-up locations in the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) including Baltimore starting Fall 2017.


    BreakBox Mobile will have a grand-opening in the Baltimore-Towson area in early November 2017.

    How We Will Effect Climate Change:

    Inputting more recovered container glass into the glass manufacturing process lessens the factors that contribute to the severe weather patterns known as climate change. BreakBox will do this on a national level; mitigating the abundance of greenhouse gas output for a major manufacturing sector.

    In addition to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from glass manufacturing plants, BreakBox has a extensive 10 year growth plan outlining steps to achieve a wide range of sustainability goals.

    Who is Trying To Effect Climate Change ?

    Student Leaders With A Healthy Disregard For The Impossible

    ~ The Vision ~     

    "We Must Create To Progress"

    At the end of the day BreakBox is about more than recreational destruction or glass recycling. We are about finding solutions to problems; creating an action plan and executing on its objectives.

    At BreakBox we believe true game changers not only think outside the box, but rather break the box entirely, creating the space to cultivate the synergy of talent and hard work.

    We have tasked ourselves with creating the infrastructure of tomorrow's sustainable society. The strength of the BreakBox team is rooted in our willingness and commitment to innovate and execute ideas that advance society.

    For now, this will be done through building an international network of glass recycling centers. In the future it could be anything. We have interests in sustainable aquaculture, composting, recovered plastics, solar roadways, education, and so much more.

  • The Mission

    BreakBox will take up the challenge of working to become the preferred glass hauler and processor for glass containers on a national level.


    Our goal is to recycle and re-purpose glass containers in an eco-friendly, cost effective manner - benefiting the environment, the community and glass manufacturers.


    The principal benefit of manufacturing glass to the environment is that broken glass can be substituted for up to 95% of the raw, finite materials needed to make new glass containers.


    Glass manufacturing is the only manufacturing sub-sect that has the capability of lowering greenhouse gas output from manufacturing plants without lowering the quality of the glass product being produced.


    Inputting more recovered container glass into the glass manufacturing process lessens the factors that contribute to the severe weather patterns known as climate change. 

    BreakBox will do this on a national level; mitigating the abundance of greenhouse gas output for a major manufacturing sector.



    Most people will come to BreakBox for entertainment and to relieve momentary frustrations due to minor life stresses. But sometimes, individuals show signs of something deeper. BreakBox is here to help.


    In partnership with local company, Abuntu Health Solutions, Project Breakthrough will primarily offer free mental health screenings to individuals after their break sessions if they -or our staff- feel that they need it. We will also offer introductions to a mental health referral network which will include a diverse selection of mental health professionals in the area.


    "Leaders With A Healthy Disregard For The Impossible"

    Ryan T. Perpall

    Vision, Operations, Sustainability

    Ryan worked for a prominent junk removal company for 10 months in the Baltimore area. There he learned about many ins and outs of the waste and recycling industry. Through this, Ryan found inspiration to develop a better glass recycling solution for the Baltimore area, the United States and ultimately the world. After many years of hard-work, late nights and research, he began to form what is now known as BreakBox USA.

    Harrison Gray Burke

    Growth, Training, Logistics

    Harrison takes pride in doing what he can for charity and regularly donates blood. He is currently growing his hair out to donate to Locks of Love for the second time, after donating 15 inches in middle school.

    Watching his father and mother own their own business throughout his childhood, he aspired to do something similar. Harrison plans to own an antique shop and help people understand the value in vintage goods.

    Alysha R. Payne

    Digital Marketing, PR, Partnerships

    Alysha plans to create communities through technology. She quickly realized this was her passion and helps those around the country find their own community and reaching out to others more accessible than every before. Having worked for several startups and many large companies, she wants to continue this work. She is also a published writer that has been featured in entertainment websites and plans to release a book soon.


    The strength of the BreakBox team is rooted in our willingness and commitment to ideate, innovate and execute ideas that advance society.


    We have tasked ourselves with creating the infrastructure of tomorrow's sustainable society.

    For now, this will be done through building an national network of glass recycling centers.

    But In the future, it could be anything! We have interests in sustainable aquaculture, composting, recovered plastics, solar roadways, education, and so much more.

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    Have you ever found yourself frustrated to a point that you felt like breaking something? If so, you're not alone. I often get frustrated by an array of different things, but chief among all of them is when I am denied my right to be my own man, to be the ‘master of my fate and the captain of my soul.’


    It's time for Millennials and Gen-z folks to take their finances seriously and plan for the future; that means starting your investment portfolio now. It means knowing the process, the language, the good signs, and the bad. Job security is no longer a phrase we can be confident in. Developing skills is half the battle and being able to network on a high level is the other.The backbone of your financial safety should be long-term investments. I’m talking stocks, physical property and start-ups.


    Yes you guessed it, I want your money, but I also want you to grow into a financially secure adult. I want to be the first memory you recall when you're no longer young, dumb and broke. Its likely that one day in the future some young ambitious kid will ask you how you got started. I want you to recall reading this intro letter. I want you to remember my team walking you through every step of the startup investment process; teaching you the ‘need to know’ and the ‘should probably know’ about this complex financial world that many people will never try to interact with.


    I believe everyone should put the work in to achieve a high level of financial literacy. I am here to be that helping hand or running partner you need on your journey to success.


    Dig deep, read twice and say yes to your adventure.

    Invest in Break Box USA, TODAY.



    October 2015

    Ryan Perpall began researching the glass container industry and the industry of recreational destruction and how they could intersect to solve a multitude of problems.

    Oct-Nov-Dec 2016

    Break Box team devised early conceptualizations.

    Launched Part 1: Feasibility Study survey

    Participant in Tiger Cage: a Business Pitch Competition

    Participant in bi-weekly Innovation Calisthenics Program

    Break Box White Paper Research Started

    January 2017

    Break Box White Paper Field Research Finished

    Break Box Exec. team attends the LeaderShape Institute

    2 new members join the Break Box Executive Team

    February 2017

    Team grew to over 20 members

    Created Pitch Deck

    Created Social Media accounts

    Ryan Perpall gets interviewed for Towson Tuesdays series

    March 2017

    Launched Part 2: Feasibility Study

    Break Box Bootcamp

    Social Media Strategy generated

    BB Executives take Leader assessments

    Scouted Break Box Mobile locations

    All Break Box Members created a sales pitch

    Updates to website

    Began formulating legal papers

    April 2017

    Various pitch deck meetings with serial entrepreneurs, university administrators and more.

    John's Hopkins University Hatched Innovation Conference

    Towson University Environmental Conference (Presenters)

    Towson University's Business Model Competition

    WINNER!- Towson Entrepreneurship Demo Day "Peoples Choice Award" (For Most Captivating Business Model Canvas)

    People's Climate March- Washington, DC

    Added a BreakBox spokesperson

    Updates to website

    May 2017

    Press: Featured Article in Baltimore Business Journal

    Commissioned Break Box mobile renderings for contractors

    TedXTowsonU: "UnBox Me" by: Ryan Perpall

    Green Living Expo- Washington, DC

    BB HQ summer relocation to DC


    June 2017


    Break Box USA team expansion in DC Office



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